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Our Team

Martina Churchill
Salon Owner/ Cretive Director

Meet Martina, Founder, and Creative Director of Charisma Hair Studio! 


With nearly two decades of experience in the hairstyling industry, I've honed my craft to perfection. As a dedicated wife and proud mother of two boys, I bring warmth and understanding to every client interaction. Specializing in haircutting, coloring, and hair extensions, I believe in the power of personalized hair solutions. Each head is unique, and I'm passionate about crafting styles that reflect the individuality of every client's hair fabric. For the past two years, I've proudly served as a L'anza Artist, and I'm embarking on a new journey as an Educator for Alinea Hair Extensions. Sharing my expertise and passion is my calling, whether through mentorship or creating a comfortable space in my chair for anyone and everyone where human connection and exceptional hairstyling converge!

Tiffany Plett
Senior Stylist
Meet Tiffany,
A senior stylist with a warm and welcoming spirit that lights up the salon. With a heart for service, Tiffany goes beyond just creating stunning hairstyles; she listens intently to her clients' needs, ensuring they not only leave looking fabulous but feeling heard and valued.
Outside the salon, Tiffany dedicates her time to giving back to her community through various programs, embodying her commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of others.
When she's not behind the chair, you can find Tiffany indulging in her love for the outdoors, whether she's tending to her garden or embarking on adventures with her beloved husband, her partner in life.
Tiffany's infectious laughter fills the salon, reflecting her zest for life and her ability to find joy in every moment. Rooted in her faith, her love for life shines through in everything she does, inspiring those around her to embrace each day with gratitude and laughter.
Emily Amaral
Junior Stylist
Meet Emy,
A creative junior stylist whose passion lies in celebrating curls and helping people rediscover the love for their hair. As a young single mom, Emy understands the significance of self-care and the transformative power of a great hairstyle.
With a knack for enhancing natural beauty and a love for all things creative, Emy brings a fresh perspective to every client interaction. Specializing in curly hair, she takes joy in helping clients embrace their unique texture and feel confident in their own skin.
Outside the salon, Emy's heart belongs to her adorable three-year-old son, who inspires her every day. They enjoy spending time together, exploring nature, and nurturing their bond.In addition to her dedication to hairstyling, Emy harbors a dream of owning a hobby farm or homestead, where she can combine her love for beauty with her passion for sustainable living and connecting with nature.With Emy, you'll not only leave the salon looking fabulous but feeling empowered and inspired to embrace your natural beauty and live life to the fullest.
Avery Beintema
Juniour Stylist

Meet Avery,


A passionate junior stylist on the brink of completing an enriching apprenticeship journey. With a flair for creativity and a keen eye for detail, Avery finds joy in helping clients discover their best selves through the transformative power of hairdressing.

 Whether it's crafting precision cuts, experimenting with vibrant colors, or embracing the art of perms, Avery approaches each style with enthusiasm and dedication. Their commitment to making clients feel confident and beautiful reflects in every meticulous snip and stroke of color.

Beyond hairstyling, Avery is dedicated to fostering genuine connections with clients, built on trust and understanding. They believe in the profound impact of a hairstylist-client relationship, striving to create a welcoming space where clients can freely express their style aspirations.

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